Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day in NY

Friday I got a chance to visit The Mill in Manhattan! This place takes their interior design really seriously! I think it's really cool to see high-end computers combined with high-end interior design. With their continued success it seems like spending a little extra cash on mod red couches and chrome orb lighting fixtures, (and panoramic views of the city) isn't a problem. Along with the high-end look of the place, the dress code seemed to follow suite, this new computer-nerd/fashionista look is pretty cool. Oh yah, and just being being in a place that is considered number 1 in the world in vfx/design is pretty inspiring.
After the city it was out to the beach and the rest of the story.


Api said...

meeeh i wanna go visit some fancy post house :P

wabash said...

I think it's time you start wearing white corduroy pants and pink kango hats to work! I know I am.