Wednesday, January 31, 2007

adventures in january

if adventures could happen digitally my life this year would be a wild ride.
so pretty much after returning from Christmas break I have been working non-stop, thus the lack of posts. Right now it's day 17 in a row. I'm actually feeling pretty good because we are working on a really challenging piece that is going to turn heads, probably one of the strangest yet one of the most exciting projects I've been on to date, I'll actually be sad to see it finish because I've grown to really like the characters.
Also happening in tandem (after work hours) is the production of our game Clique which is beginning full production Feb. 5th. We've got some great programmers involved at a company called Metaversal Studios in Boston. We are so excited to see our 8+months of dreaming and brainstorming become a reality. I have a lot of faith in the project and I think that a lot of people who see our prototype in a few months will also.
Other than that I haven't really seen any spots online that have knocked my socks off. There is a lot of good stuff out there but my mind is so saturated with media I have a hard time appreciating anything anymore. Hopefully Buck's latest release will swim to the surface and spark some inspiration into the field.