Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday and Amazing

It's Saturday morning and amazing. After a grueling 3 month project the clouds have seemed to have lifted and I'm sitting at home drinking my coffee and listening to the birds chirp without a worry of failed renders...paradise..mostly. The project that we have finished is still secret but hopefully it will soon be released to the public.
Last night I got a chance to meet up with my old bosses from Iceland, Mark and Claudia. They've pretty much been globe trotting working on VFX for various upcoming films and now working on the VFX for another Clint Eastwood film. Sounds like fun. We ate at this place in the Hollywood Hills called Yamashiro which has great food and a view unlike any other of Hollywood/LA Basin. So on the docket this weekend...tonight and engagement party and tomorrow a bowling party... hooray for work free weekends!


William said...

Yes, you so deserve to have work
free weekends.