Thursday, June 22, 2006

so it begins


The name wa_bash is an alteration of the word 'wabash'. I added the underscore since the word wabash was unfortuniatly already taken when I started this blog. The meaning of the name has to do with a town where I was born in Indiana in January of 1981. The town of wabash, as I am told is one of the first electrically lit cities in the United States. With this bit of history you can understand where my roots in electronics come from.
25 and a half years since I lived in Wabash (being the first six months of my life) I find myself sitting in Los Angeles starting this blog which I have been avoiding, neglecting, or just forgetting to do since I've known about them. In between Wabash and Los Angeles I have lived in Redstone Colorado, Boulder Colorado, Reykjavik Iceland, Kansas City Missouri, and Wainscott New York. I have traveled around the world on a boat, (with a bunch of lunitic college students), visiting Kyoto, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapre, Ho Chi Min, Chennai, The Seychelles, Capetown, Salvidor and Havana. I have also traveled to Denmark, London, Athens, The Greek Islands, Prague, Mexico and have road tripped the U.S. 1.5 times. Experiencing new places and things is what I love to do. I feel that Wabash is a good name for this forum since it is the very first place I have ever been.
And so the logs to come will cover places and things of interest weither they be virtual or real.



LaD said...

Nice work.