Monday, June 26, 2006

LA Discoveries

West Hollywood to Silver Lake to the 101 North, drive drive drive cut down through Topanga Canyon to Hwy 1 through Malibu to Santa Monica, Hwy 2 back to West Hollywood. The drive was a learning experience to say the least. A better general understanding of the sprawl, a better knowledge of the beautiful places we can't live and the not so beautiful places where we can. The length of the drive was almost as taxing as our walk to dinner one Friday night, yet another LA geography lesson and another lesson learned that if you are not walking to your car to get somewhere you better be prep the llamas and pack donkeys because it's going to be a long...long walk.
An exceptional Indian restraunt was found this weekend called flavor of India off of Santa Monica and Robertson, delicious. Chiken Tikki Masala, Nan bread, Mango Chutney, christmas lights, foliage covered patio, great service.


Chris Mapes said...

ahh I remember these days well. Enjoy them because soon you will realize that it is to big a hassle to go anywhere and stay home more than you would like.

wabash said...

Yes, it's already a bit ture. I go out less than I used to when I lived in a town of 92 people

Anonymous said...

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