Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Carmel By-The-Sea

I'm currently reading East of Eden, an epic novel by John Steinbeck. The majoirty of the novel takes place in Northern California's Salinas Valley. This weekend we took a road trip up Highway 1 to San Louis Obispo through Big Sir into Carmel a beautiful drive a bit foggy but a wonderful place to set eyes on for the first time. Stayed in a nice bed-n-breakfast visited the famous pebble beach golf course, went to see Nacho Libre. Anyways on the way back we got a chance to see the historical town of Salinas. It is a quaint agricultural town surround by two beautiful mountain ranges. Fun to imagine Steinbecks characters on the still preserved beautiful country side.


Anonymous said...

Carmel and Big Sur and Monterey are beautiful. First time I thought the water looked clean in months - LA has gross beaches. Sorry to say, even sorrier if I offend, but LA beaches are yucky. I don't know if I should be responding to Bill's blogs.