Saturday, July 22, 2006

new design in progress

I have created a new design for my blog, it mostly consists of stealing source code from other blogs I fancy, so I can't take credit for the layout. A few of my blogs were lost in the transfer, I started deleting things that shouldn't have been deleted. My blog about annoying helicopters was lost and perhaps a few others that weren't too interesting. With the onset of a better design I'm going to try to follow suite with better topics directed towards motion graphics, design, 3d animation and film!!

Still in Progress....getting Closer though!


Anonymous said...

No prob that the entry re: helicopters was lost as they show up every night anyway. So you should have plenty of real-life experience to draw from in this department. I just don't understand what the deal is with all of the crime in this town. Do the police really need to helicopter chase that many people? Is this where the taxpayers' money goes? Sounds expensive. Not to mention noisy and wretched. In NYC there are traffic intersections whereby uneccessary honking can get you a ticket in the interest of keeping the place a smidge quieter. In this bloody city it's totally common practice to rage around at night in a helicopter waking people up at 3am. I don't get it.